Natalie Brown  

  Professional singer and vocal tutor  

Natalie is an experienced teacher who will work hard with you to improve your singing technique, whether you're an absolute beginner or have been singing for a number of years. 

Natalie has numerous qualifications to support her vocal teaching, and has studied vocal anatomy, as well as practical elements of singing and musical theory. She has Qualified Teacher Status, Grade 8 vocal and Grade 6 music theory qualifications and an Advanced Diploma in Teaching Singing, meaning she can explain 'why' as well as showing you 'how'. As a singer who performs all year round, her teaching knowledge is also supported with real-time industry performance experience. Furthermore, Natalie holds a current DBS certificate to ensure she meets safeguarding standards.

Natalie teaches pop, soul and jazz styles of singing and teaches all ages of varying ability. Individual lessons are available to focus on specific problem areas, however blocks of lessons and specific lesson course options are more popular. Face-to-face lessons (Birmingham only) in a professional rehearsal studio or at home can be booked, as well as online lessons, and prices vary depending on which of these settings you choose to have your lessons. For students who want to achieve a qualification, Natalie tailors her lessons based on the Trinity Rock and Pop syllabus to prepare you for exams with this board (up to and including Grade 8).

Lesson courses* - these cover specific areas of singing, suitable for students who want to work through a particular path of singing skills, and are as follows:

Back to basics course (12 lessons)

A series of lessons for the beginner student or singer with more experience but no formal vocal training. Covers areas such as preparing the body for singing, posture, basic breathing techniques, breath patterning, exploring resonance and developing the vocal tone using vowels.

Breathe, breathe, breathe! (6 lessons)

Having the right breath technique is of upmost importance as a singer, however this is an area some singers think little about. These lessons focus on different breath techniques and breathing exercises. For all levels.

Understanding registers (6 lessons initially, however lessons in this area can continue further if you wish)

For intermediate singers as well as professional singers who haven't received formal register training. Explores how to develop the different registers of your voice, strengthen the weaker registers in your voice, smoothen out breaks and explore the comfort and power zones within your different registers.

All ears! (4 lessons initially, however lessons in this area can continue further if you wish)

Perfect for those who struggle or lack confidence with pitching notes and finding harmonies. Lessons will involve working through different activities to develop your aural skills and ability to sing harmonies.

PRICES (1 hour lesson):

£45 for studio lesson - based in a Birmingham-based studio with access to PA, keyboard/piano and microphones.

£35 for home lesson

£30 for online lesson

Block lessons (4 x 1 hour lessons):

£40 for studio lesson

£30 for home lesson**

£25 for online lesson**

*Lesson courses are priced the same as a generic block of 4 lessons and would be paid in sets of 4 lessons. For example, if you sign up for the 12 week back to basics course, you would pay for the first 4 lessons initially, then the second round of 4, then the final round of 4.

**When you book your FIRST block of home or online lessons (4 lessons - generic or specific course listed above), your first lesson is FREE! 

      Vocal lessons with Natalie

"I really enjoyed my introductory lesson. You came well prepared with professional exercises and had a good knowledge of ways to help me improve my voice. I'd gladly book you again. Thank you for a great first lesson Natalie!". Sam, adult student

"I think that my tuition experience with Natalie has helped me gain confidence with my singing, and also I like how the exercises help me get my voice stronger and louder when I sing". Grace, adolescent student (15 years of age)

 "Excellent teacher. She is really understanding and helped me to think about technique. She always took the time to break everything down when coming across a topic I was keen to improve on or learn more about. I can already feel the improvement in my registers when I'm gigging". Nicole, adult student

"I've thoroughly enjoyed my lessons with Natalie. She is concise and clear with her instruction and her attention to detail is excellent. My technique has massively improved in just a few lessons. Thank you!"
Phil, adult student

"Before I had training with Natalie, I didn't know I had a middle voice, hence why I've been struggling with that part of my voice. Two weeks after starting lessons, my middle voice is a lot stronger than when I began. I also have plenty of exercises to practise to make my voice stronger. I love my lessons with Natalie; she is a great teacher and I would definitely recommend her" Cat, adult student