Natalie Brown  

  Professional singer and vocal tutor  

Session singing, songwriting, dep work

Natalie has experience recording lead and backing vocals in home studios around the West Midlands and at professional recording studios, Robannas Studios, RB Studios,  Muthers Studio and The Mushrooms Studio, all based in Birmingham.


Natalie has been complimented for her smooth recording tone, accurately pitched vocals, her ability to create and record harmony parts and double track her voice with ease with musicians and engineers she has worked with.


Natalie has been writing her own songs for over 20 years and has written and sung lyrics for tracks produced by DJs and musicians based in the Birmingham area.


Natalie has depped as a lead and backing vocalist for a number of function bands and tribute acts over the last few years, including: Dance Floor Deluxe, Smooth Criminals, Real Breeze, Urban Executives, Mo City Soul, The Sophistikats, The Ninety Nines, Reload, Partners in Crime and Love Supreme (3-piece female Motown and soul tribute).

She learns lead songs and backing vocals quickly, pays attention to the different ways popular songs are played within each band and is a professional on stage to the extent that audience members assume she is the main singer. Natalie enjoys dep work as it's a great opportunity to learn new material and work with new singers and musicians.

Please get in touch via the contact form if you are interested in booking Natalie for session work, a songwriting session or if you need a dep lead or backing vocalist for forthcoming gigs.